Layaway Terms



  • Within 1-2 business days of a layaway, customers must pay at 20% deposit towards total amount owed in order to start processing your purchase through this website or in person at one of our stores.
  • If the 20% deposit is not received by the 3rd business day, the order will be canceled by AO Staff

Order#/Invoice #

  • Be sure to ALWAYS MENTION ORDER#/INVOICE# for each payment.
  • If you do NOT note the order#/invoice# your payment will NOT be applied as we will not know which order is associated with the payment. So this is VERY important.
  • Continue to make subsequent payments with the link above.

Making Payments

  • Remember EVERY payment submitted without an order#/invoice#, will NOT be applied to your outstanding balance, so always note this in the Invoice line when making an online payment.
  • You can make as many payments as you need in any amount even if they vary.
  • Once the balance has been paid in full you will be notified to pick up your items from either the Fort Worth or Arlington location.

Changing Order

  • If at any time you need to adjust your order with size or style, please contact us with your Order #/Invoice # to make changes. No fees will occur as long as the items are equal or lesser value.

Checking Balance

  • If you would like to check your balance, please email us at ftworth@academicoutfitters.com with your ORDER # so we may look it up and get back to you with current amount owed.